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Our company

A pioneering history, unique culture, exquisite taste!

This is not because it has never been done before that this should not be! Since its creation, Byzance undertakes few projects and the group is known for three exceptional products. Caviar, Iberian hamand smoked salmon.Byzance dare and bet on innovation.

The sensory experience: essential, necessary and decisive ... That's the only reason for our selections!

Discover a whole world of flavors, textures and unique tastes...

Recruitment, training, packaging ... everything is studied to share the sensory experience.

Our team

"The first quality of a company remains the motivation of men and women who compose."

Byzance comes to 100 % of a professional culture. Explain, because understanding is stronger than learning!


“A fireworks of flavors. A little corner of paradise!”


“Great products and great service! Second year I order and am still happy!”


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