Only an exceptional product can inspire a superior sensory experience. A total traceability passport guaranteeing % of Iberian breed and Finca of origin, feed, (with the % of oleic acid and the number of days in Montanera, indicating the amount of acorns eaten, exact maturation period since its origin.

Philippe Poulachon

Total traceability

Total traceability


We believe it is important and essential to offer every guarantee of the main parameters that determine the quality of these exceptional hams: each Bellota-Bellota® ham comes with its own total traceability passport detailing:

• percentage of Iberian breed: Iberian: 100% for the Jabugo, Dehesa Extremadura and Los Pedroches designations, 75% or 100% for the Guijuelo

• the finca (estate) of origin
• oleic acid content: minimum 54% to be considered Bellota
• number of days of montanera (fattening period)
• maturing date
• designation of origin (D.O.)

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