Only an enlightened tasting can create the gustative emotion.

Philippe Poulachon

A whole wolrd dedicated to Jamón ibérico

A whole world dedicated...

An outstanding product merits the proper treatment; Passport, handcrafted wooden «Stradivarius» cases, jamoneros (ham stands), cucuruchos cones, sock, DVD, knives, pincers, etc., for a whole ham. Passport for a ham piece, cover, taste atlas for slices of Bellota-Bellota® ham. Cases that tell a story, including the manifesto for sliced ham. An anthology, volcano dishes and the mini-volcano for one to set off the taste of the ham to perfection. The Stradivarius case, the «grand slam» gift box, the «Lingot» ingot for a special gift, etc. This ham deserves no less!

The Bellota-Bellota® volcano plate


Invented by Bellota-Bellota®, we turned to the Maison Bernardaud for its exclusive production: “Like a decanter for exceptional red wines, it’s the perfect complement to a Bellota-Bellota® ham.” The sides of the dish are inclined at 45°, and include perforated “lava flows” in order to hold the strips of Bellota-Bellota®. At the centre of the volcano, a small candle keeps the Bellota-Bellota® ham at its ideal temperature for tasting, to better enjoy all of the taste-inspired emotions provoked by this exceptional ham.



A jamonero is essential when cutting an entire ham with the bone in. It helps to ensure safe slicing and, depending on the model, it improves the yield from the cut; it’s for this last reason that all of our “jamonero” models have a rotating system that allows them to be cut in all 360°.

The anthological Bellota-Bellota® book


The book, from the famous publishing house of La Martinière, is both an anthology of the history of Jamón ibérico and a collection of recipes by outstanding chefs based around Bellota-Bellota® ham. The breed of the pig, the dehesa, the method of production will have no secrets for aficionados of this ham, who will find in its pages all the answers to their questions. As the final touch, 30 Grands Chefs from Barcelona to Paris, Hong Kong to Lima, London to Marseille, have concocted some unusual variations based on Bellota-Bellota® ham.

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