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Catalan Mini Fayet Bellota-Bellota®



140.80 HK$ tax incl.

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  • Expiration date : 1 month
  • Preservation : room temperature

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Quite a lean delicatessen meat, traditionally prepared at the foot of the Catalan Pyrenees. Very mild seasoning, maturing at the perfect balance point between large and small sausages, in order to keep both its melting and flexible texture. A subtle and delicate taste, with discreet but present spices that maintain the mouth-feel of the Fayet for a very long time.

Careful, there’s a real danger of addiction here

The Fayet’s “Little Brother” is clearly a success even though it hasn’t been around for long!! The mini-Fayet is certainly a best-seller, if not “THE” best- seller: as a restaurant appetizer or to enjoy as a snack at home; its success is entirely deserved, since it is first and foremost an incredibly mild, tasty and delicious sausage...


Contains: back and belly of pork, salt, wine, pepper, preservative E251, E120 natural dye.

  • Allergens : sulphites

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