White tuna belly (ventresca)

The box of 112g

175.00 HK$ tax incl.

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  • Expiration date : 5 years
  • Preservation : ambient temperature

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In the taste hierarchy of tunas, White tuna is unquestionably the finest and most flavourful.

Fished using pelagic longlines from June to September far out in the Bay of Biscay, the tunas are brought to the boats still alive and then worked exclusively by hand in order to eliminate all waste.


The "best" part of a tuna (approximately 4% of its total weight) with incredible smoothness.

Best enjoyed on a piece of cristal bread with a few flakes of fleur de sel and a splash of a surprising 100% Muscat white balsamic vinegar. 


Contains: white tuna belly, olive oil, salt

  • Allergens : fish

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